March 8, 2021

Why building working relationships is the name of the game

We all make an assessment of someone that we meet in a very short time, usually seconds, and that can be problematic.

Everyone you meet is going to be different, so whatever you say or do really has to focus on one thing at the beginning of a new business relationship….creating trust.

I’m not going to get into what Business Development is or what a Business Development person should be doing. There are many good but different views on that. What should be taken into account, and often isn’t, is the personality, attitude and the general characteristics of the person in a BD role. Big subject.

However, one key responsibility, common to anyone involved in business development is building relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, and others that can influence the direction and the success of your company.

That’s probably a very broad bunch of people that you’ll have to get along with, and have to convince, influence or otherwise persuade on behalf of what you are offering or want to do?

There’s no golden rule here, but listening to what others have to say is a good start. It’ll give you an insight to the issues they are dealing with, which may give the opportunity to offer help, either directly or by introducing a contact that may have a solution. Either way, I’ve found that giving first is a good way to start building a working relationship.

We have all got a list of contacts, LinkedIn connections or know how to reach people others may value meeting or being introduced to.

Here’s my question today:

Why not share those contacts to build relationships, new or old? - Giving first is a solid way to build trust.

Without trust no one is going to buy “what you are selling”.